Europe bears a significant potential to create, develop, manage and exploit innovative supply chains in the field. Knowledge and innovation capacities are there. However, such potential lies unexploited due to a lack of “enabling conditions” within the regional or national contexts.

ENABLING is the initiative of 16 partners in 13 EU and associated (IL, NO) countries. The main goal is to support the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision (production, pre-processing) of biomass for the BBI (Bio-Based Industry). In particular, ENABLING aims at creating appropriate conditions for the development of efficient biomass to BBPs (Bio-Based Products and Processes) value chains.

ENABLING is based on the consortium’s vision that the biomass to BBPs value chains can enhance economic growth, a sound management of natural resources and positively contribute to job-creation in the regions and countries where they can be deployed.

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Good Practices

In ENABLING we collect good BBP (Bio based Products and Processes) practices, from inside and outside Europe, that are wholly or partly transferable to other regions, or serve as an inspiration for partners in the value chain.

Innovation Brokerage Platform

The BiomassTrade Platform allows biomass producers and biomass processers to search and offer biomass residues and by-products, bio-based products as well as services in the different sectors of bioeconomy. The BiomassTrade Platform will operate EU-wide but aims to connect stakeholders on a regional level to foster the exchange of goods and services on that level.

Coaching Services

The Enabling coaching service, available through an online simple questionnaire provided via the website, will support biomass producers or the BBP industry for the uptake of emerging best practices and help the applicants figure out more details about the bioeconomy and its component. The applicant can ask about biomass, bio-based products, innovation & technologies, scientific papers, EU and national laws, and much more.