For the implementation of the action, ENABLING relies on 16 highly experienced partners from 13 countries: they bring into the project a complementary set of skills that is appropriate to the complexity of the work to be done and to the multi-actor approach that the consortium is taking. Almost all partners have a consolidated position in their country or region, as support entities to the farming or bio-based businesses, and many of them have a track record in facilitating innovation processes. The project gathers and connects a number of experts that have been chosen according to:

- their comprehensive knowledge on the biomass sector and ability to identify related best practices

- their strong expertise in R&I

- their strategic role in knowledge transfer and

- their consolidate experience in the implementation of European projects and international cooperation

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Federunacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, gathers the associations of manufacturers of implements, self-propelled machines, tractors, components and gardening machinery.



TINADA SRL is a company which disseminates the results of scientific research, with particular reference to multifunctional products in the agricultural sector (e-learning / ICT, short chain, educational and social agriculture agriculture).



ITABIA - Italian Biomass Association, is a not for profit Association founded  in 1985 with the aim of promoting  the  diffusion of efficient and environmentally-sound biomass production and conversion systems for energy and industrial purposes.


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INNOVATIESTEUNPUNT vzw is thé specialized service in Flanders for guiding agricultural and horticultural entrepreneurs, groups of rural residents and local governments in taking a new direction for their enterprise or their community. Our activities focus on three domains: technical development, business development and rural development. In that, we focus on a future-oriented, durable agriculture and horticulture and on a vibrant rural area.




Vestlandsforsking is an international research institute with regional entrenchment. Our vision is the promotion of knowledge development and sharing



Celignis is a dedicated biomass analysis laboratory that provides precise data allowing stakeholders to make the best use of their biomass feedstocks and optimise their biomass conversion processes.




The European Centre for Renewable Energy (EEE) is a service- and network organization, acting since more than 20 years in the field of bioenergy. It develops energy concepts for the sustainable use of renewable energy sources. The Biomass-Energy-Network rests on five pillars: demonstration plants, R&D, services, trainings and ecoEnergy tourism.




The National Biomass Association (BGBIOM) was created in 1998 as non-governmental, non-profit making organisation. BGBIOM promotes plant residues and animal manure for energy sources, for non-food and non-energy products.


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Collison & Associates

Collison & Associates is a rural & agri-food consultancy focusing on the adoption of new technology, the promotion of skills & applied research to promote a knowledge led, progressive rural economy.


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ZLTO is a farmers’ association in the south of the Netherlands representing 15.000 members. ZLTO aims to enhance the social and economic situation of farmers through lobby, innovative projects, and individual support. 



Core Innovation

Core Innovation generates, secures and shares innovation through innovative concepts, business models and technology. Conducts innovation management relying on custom tailored communication actions




WIRELESSINFO is non-profitable association. Main goals are research, development, testing and exploitations of new geographic information systems and technologies for data collection and management.




MIGAL is a private applied research institute, located in Kiryat Shmona, Israel. Research is highly interdisciplinary and specialised in the areas of Agrotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Nutrition & Biotechnology.




ACTIA centers activities consist mainly in research and technology transfer for the companies they are supporting to better solve their problems and stimulate innovation.




Euknow works as a Research and Innovation consultancy serving several industrial sectors, including biomass, agricultural machinery and advice to agro-food and innovation brokerage actors.




EPC offers project management and target group specific PR, including the development of communication strategies and their practical application in renewables, climate and sustainability projects.