Bio-fertilisers from agri production


A new national regulation for waste management, together with financial insentives for agricultural waste management, has prompted a Bulgarian company to establish a biorifinery to convert residues into bio-based product.

The company is equipped with two thermofilic fermentors where animal manure and plant residues are processed. The digestate output (solid fraction of fermentation) is composted and offered as bio-based fertilizer for agricultural operations.

The rest of the derived material is used for energy production where the national Electric Company buys the energy produced by the plant.

Both techniques result as an alternative and better usage of resources in the Plovdiv area, where Agricultural waste is used for biogas and bio-fertilizers production instead of being dumped in dunghill.

The practice stimulates synergies amongst several operators such as farmers [producers of crops and livestock], processing industry (CHP), special logistics companies, municipality, local and regional entities/companies.

Farmers providing silage and animal manure to the processing industry. A specials logistics is required to transport and store these parts: they are stored in steel tanks and kept under controlled temperature. Meanwhile, appropriate logistics and storage facilities are required to manage dangerous residues.

A licensed company collects the manure, after contracts between companies and farmers.

Nikos Kyriakoulis