Fish-Tomato farm partnership


A Belgian tomato grower has entered into a unique collaboration with a fish farm. The tomato farm supplies electricity, rain water and residual heat to fish nursery while receiving back filtered water as a reciprocal service. The water becomes an excellent product full of nutrients for the tomato crops, reducing the use of fertilizers with clear benefits for the farmer and the environment.

Both companies need large quantities of water for their productions. The tomato farm collects sufficient rainwater thanks to the large roof surface of the greenhouses and is able to supply part of it to the fishing farm.

The fishing farm water, soiled by feces and feed debris, but rich in nutrients, is drained regularly and mixed with fresh water.

Thanks to this concept, it is possible to have aquaculture without wasting water. In addition, the tomato farm is saving money on buying extra fertilizers.

Around 40-400 m³ fishwater/day are channeled toward the tomato farm from March to October, which amounts to the 90% of the total water processed by the fishing farm.

The tomato farm counts a cost reduction of €22000/year in fertilizers while the fish farming has considerably reduced the amount of wastewater that had to be purified before being discharged into nature.

There is a 50% less distribution costs for the fishing farm and a fixed price for a part of the electricity provided by the tomato company.

Nikos Kyriakoulis