Phone Bio-based cases from flax crop residuals

flaxseeds (2).jpg

A Canadian based company is producing phone cases for smartphone devices that are biobased, 100% compostable, BPA, lead cadmium & phthalates free.

It makes use of a material called FlaxsticTM, a combination of non-food crop residuals such as flax shives and fibres, together with biopolymers.

The supply chain considers a close involvement and collaboration of different actors such as flax producers, logistics companies, the bio-based company for phone cases and final consumers.

The region of Saskatchewan is abundant in oilseed flax. The activity is fostering the creation of new market opportunities for these crop residuals, which are now turning into a new form of revenues and incomes for farmers.

The whole business model is also contributing to reduce the amount of plastic employed by consumers, alleviate the dependency from non-renewable fossil fuels and oil-based plastic while enhancing awareness on plant based solutions. The company benefits of a solid market share due to the uniqueness of the product/process. The practice promotes cooperation among similar stakeholders in the agri-food sector while encouraging research for a different use of the FlaxsticTM.

Nikos Kyriakoulis