What is the BBP status in my region?

What is the BBP status in my region.jpg

The ENABLING "Biomass Matrix Tool" has been developed to help the user in evaluating the potential and available biomass and industrial processes, considering the different bioproducts pathways.

The aim of the Biomass Matrix Tool is to give general indications on typologies and quantities of biomass that could stimulate the BioBased Products (BBP) industry sector to invest and also to identify BBP industries present either in the region, or within a sufficiently close reach, to allow the development of sustainable supply chains.

The Biomass Matrix Tool has 2 main components: a Biomass Calculation Sheet; and an Industrial Processes Sheet.

The Biomass Calculation Sheet has been designed for Enabling Partners to collect data on the most important biomass resources in selected Region(s), following the criteria:

  • availability;
  • identification of competition with other markets (feed and food);
  • industrial interests;
  • potential for higher valorisation (with or without future innovation) 

The Biomass Calculation Sheet considers quantitative aspects of biomasses and their respective extractable components (i.e. starch, fibre for BBPs).

The Industrial Processes Sheet has been designed for Enabling Partners to identify not only the technology, but also the current status of the technology (e.g. pre-pilot), the products produced, the actual process involved, the constituents used in the technology (which can then be related to the available biomass residues identified in the Biomass Calculation Sheet) and the minimum requirement (as a percentage) of the constituent contained in a biomass source for the technology / process to be viable. 

It is important to identify not only consolidated industrial players, but to also consider small and innovative young companies or entrepreneurs with the potential to stimulate innovation, knowledge transfer and the uptake of research.

Nikos Kyriakoulis