So, what is a good practice?

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During the 2nd project meeting, Richard van Lijssel from Darling Ingredients presented ECOSON as a good practice showcase. Let’s have a closer look into ECOSON and their approach.

Pig manure is so rich in phosphate that in the Netherlands, a country known for its intensive livestock farming, it has become the cause of a significant mineral surplus. As a result, Dutch pig farmers are legally required to find an acceptable processing solution for their excess manure. ECOSON created a solution.

ECOSON is a specialist in repurposing residuals into renewable resources. Working with local partners, they collect manure, organic food waste and swill from restaurants and food manufacturers, and use these materials to create high-quality, high-value solutions. Combining state-of-the-art technology with uniquely sustainable processes, ECOSON produces renewable electricity and renewable gas for the local energy market and organic phosphate-based fertilizer for agriculture.

ECOSON is an example of closing the loop on economic and ecological sustainability for urgent challenges in (national) agricultural sector. Through chain collaboration ECOSON is able to make a farmer’s challenge/problem an economic opportunity to combine fertilizer production for farmers abroad with renewable energy production for local society.

Nikos Kyriakoulis