Meet Haspenwood: The entrepreneurship that creates products out of apple trees wood


Every year apple farmers in Haspengouw renew about 6% of their apple plantations. They invest for around 20,000 euros per hectare in the removal of the old trees and the purchase and planting of new trees. At the same time, they are confronted with the fact that these new trees will only generate an income after 3 years.
Today about 800.000 apple trees (30.000 tons of wood) are yearly stubbed in the region of Haspengouw. Most of the wood is left somewhere beside on the field, shredded and processed in the ground, part of it is used for heating private homes where owners will get it for free when they come to collect it themselves, or sometimes it will be collected for shredding and processing into compost. This means there is a big opportunity and availability of biomass (wood of apple trees) in this region.

Haspenwood took the decision to create new (value added) products out of that wood, by buying the farmers’ grubbed trees and by valorising the intrinsic qualities of the wood.

Their products are:

  • Apple wood smoke chips and smoke planks for barbecue and smoker

  • Smoked fleur de sel, artisan cold smoked with apple wood from the low strain apple trees in Haspengouw.

  • Smoked ‘ROOK’ beer

  • Haspencubes candles and fire pit made from wood chips and paraffin

Haspencubes are considered as being one of the good practices in Belgium by using available biomass and creating value added products both for the consumer and the professional market.

Nikos Kyriakoulis