The project is designed to “enable” the appropriate preconditions for to strengthen the biomass – BBPs value chains in a way that:

-Innovative value chains should be widespread and replicable

-They should be developed in an economically viable perspective (thus contributing to the growth of both the agri and BBI sectors)

-A continuous framework for the uptake of innovative practices should be set up at the end of the project (innovation brokerage platform)

-A more coordinated collaboration should emerge and be embedded in the EIP agri, possibly with the creation of an ad-hoc focus group (At the moment of proposal submission, no such focus groups is in place or planned, to the knowledge of the consortium) 


Economic Impact

By the end of the project

-Growth for the biomass producers in the regions/countries participating between 10% and 20% 
-About 5-10% optimisation of processes in obtaining biomass for the BBIs
-Support to the creation of 2-5 new business (or lines of business in existing companies) 

Within two years from Innovation Brokerage Platform set-up

-Between 30-40% increase in the supply of biomass to the BBI
-About 20% increased efficiency in supply of biomass for the BBIs. 
-Support to the creation of about 10 new businesses in the biomass to BBPs sector



Environmental Impact

By the end of the project

5% contribution to efficiency of biomass production and supply to the BBPs 

Within two years from Innovation Brokerage Platform set-up

Between 5% and 15% enhanced shift to circular economy approaches in the provision of organic material to BBPs


Social Impact

By the end of the project

We expect a rough 1:1 ratio in the set up of new biomass-BBPs supply and the creation of job, mainly on the BBI side