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European PVC Industry Summit

MIXACO Dr. Herfeld GmbH & Co. KG is joining as an Exhibition Partner for European PVC Industry Summit which is taking place in London on the 25th & 26th September. 

Confirmed Topics for Discussion:

  • Looking into the Trade Flow of PVC and its Raw Materials

  • Discussing Current and Upcoming Regulations Framing the PVC Industry

  • Illustrating the Benefits of PVC over Alternative Materials

  • Advances in PVC Product Technology

  • Maximising Opportunities in the European Construction Market

  • Reducing PVC’s Impact on the Environment

  • Waste Management of PVC and By-Products

  • Showcasing the Bright Future for PVC Products

Who Will Attend?

This conference invites individuals working as part of the PVC production process, as well as specialist providers that form part of the overall supply chain. These Senior Executive individuals will be from:

  • Raw Material and Chemical Producers

  • PVC Producers

  • PVC Compounders

  • End-product Manufacturers (PVC Profiles, Pipes, Automotive parts, Packaging)

  • Regulatory Officials

  • Additive and Plasticiser Suppliers

  • Polymerisation and Compounding Technology Providers

  • Research Organisations and Academics

  • Industry-specific Distributors

  • Affiliated Associations