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US Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference

Response to the Upcoming Regulatory Requirements during our US Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference, taking place in Houston, TX, USA on 10th & 11th of July 2019.

The session will focus on:

▪ Impact of MARPOL, Annex VI on refining operations & practices
▪ Evaluating refineries readiness to meet the IMO requirements post 2020
▪ Understanding CAFE standards in practice & its impact on cars & engines efficiency
▪ Ensuring continuous business growth while meeting regulatory targets

Key Topics Will Include:

▪ Comprehensive Analysis Of The Key Policies & Regulations Impacting On US Refining Operations
▪ Evaluating The Industry`s Response To The Upcoming Regulatory Requirements
▪ In Depth Outlook Into The Crude Oil Markets` Turns & Future Export Routes
▪ Exploring Key Technology Innovations & New Fuel Blending Properties
▪ Enhancing Greater Refining Reliability & Project Control
▪ Assessing The Impact Of Growing Exports` Demand Of The US Refined Products
▪ Examining The Influence Of Transport Electrification On The US Fuels Markets
▪ In Search For Further Solutions to Enhance Business Flow: Making The Most Of The Petrochemical Production
▪ Evaluating Key Challenges & Opportunities Of Future 15% Ethanol Gasoline (E15) Use
▪ In Depth Insights Into The Global Distillate Demand Trends