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Agriculture & Food, 7th International Conference

The 7th International Conference on Agriculture and Food will take place in Burgas, Bulgaria between the 25-29th of June.

The conference will involve oral, poster, and online presentations on a variety of topics including precision agriculture.



  • Organic agriculture

  • Agricultural biotechnology

  • Livestock, dairy farming and small ruminants

  • Veterinary and feeding system

  • Poultry farming

  • Aquaculture and fisheries

  • Field crops

  • Floriculture

  • Fruits and citrus

  • Greenhouses and horticulture

  • Agricultural buildings

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Fertilisers and chemicals

  • Irrigation and water management

  • Plants, seeds and propagation materials

  • Plant protection and fertilization

  • Post harvest treatment


  • Technology and raw materials for food production

  • Biotechnology and nutraceutical technologies

  • Nanotechnologies in food and agriculture

  • Green technologies in food production

  • Food processing machines

  • Food preparation

  • Food packaging

  • Food safety and food security

  • Quality control of raw materials

  • Food inspection systems

  • International certifications

  • Nutrition and dietary problems

Agricultural and food policy

  • Precise agriculture

  • Intensive growing methods

  • Renewable energy in agriculture

  • Information and communication technology

  • Import and export of food and agricultural products

  • Interaction between agricultural production and retailing

  • Logistics of agricultural production

  • Rural development

  • Employment in agriculture

  • Agro industry start–ups

  • Turnkey, joint projects and know–how

  • Financing credits and agricultural subsidies

  • EU legislation on agriculture

  • The partnership between Europe and farmers

  • EU grants, tenders

  • International training and cooperation