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BIOBASED Coatings APAC 2019

Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Bent Kidmose, Technical Director Applications APAC Sherwin Williams

  • Sachin Joshi, Managing DirectorSK Formulations

  • Ms. Ninlawan, Technical Product ManagerAdvanced Biochemical Co.Ltd.

  • Senior RepresentativeTroy Corp

Confirmed Topics for Discussion:

  • Market Trends & Growth In Biobased Coatings

  • Sourcing Of Raw Materials, Pricing & Supply Chain Management

  • Impact of Government Policies & Regulations

  • Increasing Awareness & Demand

  • Highlighting Benefits Of Biobased Coatings Through Sustainability And Environment Protection

  • Developments & Performance Properties of Biobased Paints

  • Comparing The Performance Properties of Paints

  • Wood Coatings & Adhesives From Biomass to Finished Goods

  • Cashew Nutshell Liquid Renewable & Reliable Feedstock?

  • Transfer of Technology From Europe to Asia